The next card reveals for Hearthstone's The Witchwood will kick off next week

Hearthstone's next expansion, revealed last week as The Witchwood, will feature two new keywords, Echo and Rush, a Dungeon Run-style game mode called Monster Hunt, and 135 new cards. Blizzard announced today that the process of revealing those cards to the world will kick into high gear (since we've already seen a few of them) during a livestream on Twitch set for March 26. 

Card reveal duties will be shared with various press outlets and members of the community in two separate rounds, the first starting at 3 am PT on March 27 at and the second at 7 am PT on April 2 with YouTube streamer Tomatos. You'll notice that 17173 is a Chinese site (which also accounts for the odd timing), while Tomatos is a Russian streamer; Korean and Brazilian sites and/or streamers will also be taking part.   

How their card reveals will be handled for English audiences isn't clear, but it's fair to assume that the majority of cards will be unveiled by Blizzard—the schedule of external reveals only covers 55 of the 135 new cards, after all. Blizzard also noted with an asterisk that "this is not a comprehensive schedule of all card reveals. Select cards may be a part of regional promotions that do not have a set reveal time." 

And here's a little PSA for those of you who've made it this far: If you win a match in the Portal to Another Dimension tavern brawl that went live today to mark StarCraft's 20th anniversary, you'll be rewarded with three card packs instead of the usual one. You're welcome.

Andy Chalk

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