The Monster Hunter movie secures $60 million budget and will go into production in September

The Monster Hunter film adaptation will go into production in September with a $60 million budget.

Though we've known for some time now that a Monster Hunter movie was in development, it's now confirmed that Milla Jovovich— star of the movies based on another of Capcom's key IPs, Resident Evil—will be taking the lead.

Variety reports that Constantin Films, which also brought  Resident Evil to the screen, will once again team up star Jovovich with Resident Evil movie director, Paul W. S. Anderson, and producer Jeremy Bolt. 

Monster Hunter will be filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, and have its special effects supplied by Mr. X, which—yup, you've guessed it—also worked with the Resident Evil franchise.

Monster Hunter: World is out now on PS4, Xbox One, with a PC release coming later this year.