The Minecraft Experiment, day 28: Squids

Minecraft Diary 28 - SquidMouth

When I first started playing Minecraft a few months ago, I played with a rule: if I die, I have to delete the entire world. I eventually managed to get to hell and back on one life, and now I'm trying to find my way back home. The diary starts here , and this is the latest entry.

I've just escaped a small procession of skeletons who suddenly emerged from a hole in a mountain, and now I'm exploring a weird new land.

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Day 27

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Day 29 >

World 10, deaths 9

Once I've lost the undead archers, who eventually burned to re-death in the sunlight anyway, I find the desert beyond doesn't last long. Beyond, more weird mountains. I'm halfway up one when I see something that makes me want to get back down immediately. Squids!

These things were added to the game while I was still in hell - not known for its aquatic wildlife - so this is the first time I've set eyes on them. And there's loads . I've moderately sure they're not hostile by default, so I'm keen to get down there and swim with them. They say that's one of the things you have to do in Minecraft before you die - or one of the things you tend to be doing in Minecraft when you die, I don't recall which. Let's go!

I even thought to refill my bucket, meaning I can make a waterfall on the spot and swim down it. Don't question the physics, it works. It works unless, in a boneheaded attempt to drag your bucket of water to your inventory bar, you drag it out of your inventory and simply hurl it off a cliff. I am doomed never to do this trick successfully.

It takes me so long to get down to the water safely that it's starting to get dark, so I slap a few torches on the cliff face so I can still see the little guys as I swim with them. Look, they're cute!



Now it's dark, I'm wet, and squids are scary. I should hole up for the night, but the drive to make progress is too strong again. I press on until I hit water, and stop to make a boat. This is when I realise I only have one plank of wood - not even enough to make the workbench I'd make a boat with if I had the wood to make a boat. I look around for trees, and this is when I realise I still am in a desert - just one with a coast. No trees. Screw it, I'll swim.

I've only been sploshing along for a few seconds when I start to hear another set of sploshes very, very close behind me.

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