The Mass Effect Legendary Edition teaser has Garrus in it twice

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The long-rumored remastering of the Mass Effect trilogy has finally been announced (opens in new tab), bringing back Shepherd's saga but at higher resolution and with enhanced visuals. The teaser trailer doesn't show us what the games will look like "optimized for 4k Ultra HD", simply highlighting the fan-favorite companions who made the cut for its artwork: Garrus, Tali, Liara, Wrex, Miranda, Thane, Mordin, and Garrus.

Yes, Garrus gets to appear twice. He's one of the most popular characters in the series, topping our own list ranking the Mass Effect companions from worst to best (opens in new tab), and I guess you could argue that one of them is Garrus and the other one is his alter ego, Archangel.

Companions whose appearance would be spoilers for those who haven't played the originals have been left out, as have less-popular characters like Kaiden, Ashley, and poor under-rated Jacob, whose only sin is being uncomplicated and not having a dark past for you to uncover. I'm surprised Jack didn't make the cut, but less surprised that nobody introduced in the unloved Mass Effect 3 or the DLC, which less players experienced, was deemed worthy.

Of course, if you already own the games and their DLC then, with help from mods, you can play the Mass Effect trilogy with improved (opens in new tab) textures (opens in new tab) and remastered cutscenes (opens in new tab) today. As well as other mods that unlock certain same-gender romances (opens in new tab), provide alternative (opens in new tab) endings (opens in new tab) for Mass Effect 3, and then there's nude mode (opens in new tab) because of course there is.

Jody Macgregor
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