The maker of one of our favorite cases launched a new enclosure and two PSUs

A bunch of new stuff has been announced at Computex, which of course is highlighted by AMD's third-gen Ryzen launch. On the peripheral side, however, there have been plenty of announcements, including a new case and a couple of power supplies from be quiet!.

In the US, be quiet! is a brand that is sometimes overshadowed by the likes of Corsair and Cooler Master, but we're certainly familiar with the outfit. In fact, we consider be quiet!'s Dark Base Pro 900 to be the best PC case for modders, due to its large size and copious customization options.

Now, however, be quiet! is launching its first "compact ATX case." Those terms might seem at odds with another—compact enclosures are typically micro-ATX or mini-ITX—but the pitch from be quiet! is that it's a relatively small chassis with room to fit full-size hardware. It's also built for quiet computing, which as been a point of focus for the company.

"Despite its compact size, the case packs a full ATX mainboard, radiators up to 360mm in length, high-end graphics cards, high-clearance coolers, and up to 5 SSDs or 2 HDDs. be quiet! even found room for two preinstalled 140mm Pure Wings 2 fans to ensure silent operation, on top of the sound insulating material in the side and front panels," the company says.

Available in black or white, the Pure Base 500 has an interchangeable top cover that is designed to either block out noise coming from your PC, or provide additional ventilation and cooling.

The case also features cable routing amenities. Users can snake cables underneath the integrated PSU shroud or behind the SSD covers. If you want to show off your tidy build, there is a tempered glass side panel option, or you can opt for quiet operation with a side panel adorned with sound dampening material.

In addition to a new case, be quiet! introduced a couple of power supply families. Shown above is a model from the Straight Power 11 line. These are designed to run quiet and efficient, with 80 Plus Platinum certification. When this line releases in November of this year, models will be available ranging from 550W all the way up to 1200W.

For smaller builds, be quiet! also introduced the System Power 9 CM line, which it describes as a "cost-conscious power supply" family. These PSUs offers semi-modular sleeved cabling and 80 Plus Bronze efficiency. It sounds like they will only be available in Europe and Australia, in 400W to 700W models, starting in July.

No pricing details have been released yet.

Paul Lilly

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