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The latest Surge 2 video shows 13 minutes of raw robo-dismemberment

Focus Home Interactive has released a thirteen-minute raw gameplay video of The Surge 2, showing us more of what to expect from the Souls-like futuristic RPG. 

The video shows new areas, and offers a glimpse of the game's merciless enemies. Like its predecessor, The Surge 2 invites you to tear off enemy limbs to reinforce your frame—it's a hard-knock life in the apocalypse. 

However, this sequel takes place outside the metallic confinements of the first game’s factory and into the outside world of Jericho City. The footage does a good job at teasing a number of locations within the city which are, unfortunately, all in ruins after the first game.

The Surge 2 is releasing September 24 and is available to pre-order on the Microsoft Store for $60/£50.