The latest Fortnite hotfix ditches one of the game's best shotguns

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Always. Be. Patching. Apologies for butchering a quote from Alec Baldwin’s character in Glengarry Glen Ross, but Epic just can’t leave Fortnite alone. Even for a game that’s tweaked once per week, the last seven days have been a humdinger for the battle royale phenomenon, with three popular guns dropped. 

Fortnite’s latest hotfix removes the Combat Shotgun, the Drum Shotgun, and the Proximity Launcher. While most players won’t be overly bothered by the removal of those last two weapons, the Combat Shotgun was one of the most sought after firearms in the game. With its surprisingly good range and devastating damage, it was one of the most effective weapons in Fortnite. Why can’t we have nice things, Epic?

The latest patch has also seen significant changes to the Automatic Sniper. The new hotfix increases its damage by nine at each rarity level, as Epic apparently thought the rifle was underperforming. 

It’s been a good week if you’re a fan of camping, long-range slaughter, and a bad one if you favour in-your-face shotty kills. Catch up with all the latest Fortnite news in our coverage of Fortnite Season 11.