The latest Anthem patch's nerfs were apparently bugs

Anthem's 1.03 update, as well as removing a bug that made the game a lot more fun, also introduced some changes that weren't detailed in the patch notes. Players noticed a few additions that had gone unmentioned, like new components that can give Javelins an edge and several nerfs.  

It was a mistake, says BioWare, and a list with the missing items has been published. The official patch notes still haven't been updated, though. 

"It was not our intent to leave things out, but during the work of getting the update out the door some things were missed," explained Anthem community manager Darokaz. "The community posts pointing out the things that were missing allowed me to go back to the team and verify what was missing or what might be a bug, so thank you for that everyone!"

Some of the changes were, in fact, bugs. There were no nerfs planned, so any items with decreased values should be considered bugs. Here's the ones that have been found so far:

  • Special Arms damage component changed from 30% to 15%.   
  • Epic Special Arms Ammo Universal component changed from 30% to 15%. 
  • Truth of Tarsis crit multiplier changing. 
  • Winter’s Wrath (Ice Storm) ability damage is incorrect. 
  • Chaotic Rime (Ice Shards) damage is incorrect. 
  • Amulet of Winter damage reduced from 40% to 20%. 
  • Winter’s Wrath recharge was increased to 5 from 4. 

They'll be fixed in an upcoming patch. The change to the drop rate of masterwork embers from harvesting nodes is also a bug. Players reported they couldn't get any, but that should be sorted in a hotfix today. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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