The Humble Store raises $1 million for charity

Capitalizing on the popularity of the Humble Bundles, the Humble Store launched late last year , offering a raft of games both indie and otherwise. And much like its bundle forebears, it also committed to the ongoing support of good causes through the donation of ten percent of all sales to charity. That may not sound like a very big slice of the pie, but in a little over half a year it's added up to more than one million dollars.

Unlike the Humble Bundle, which has supported a number of different charities with various game bundle releases, the Humble Store supports five specific charities: the American Red Cross, Child's Play, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, World Land Trust and charity: water. "One million dollars for charity is a big deal," Humble Bundle co-founder John Graham said in a statement. "In just six months, the Humble Store has grown from a mere humble experiment to something that gamers and game developers big and small want to be a part of."

The Humble Store now offers more than 500 different games and now carries major triple-A releases alongside its popular lineup of indies. And while $1 million is indeed a big deal, it pledged to continue its support, noting in the announcement of the milestone that "Ten percent of every Humble Store sale still goes to charity. Every sale, every game, every time."

Andy Chalk

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