The guy who cut his mouse in half also has a floor keyboard

The floor keyboard and its creator
(Image credit: Boneyttv)

In case you missed the news last week, Elgato has released a floor pedal aimed at streamers. The company is known for developing tech with content creators in mind, and this time it's adding a pedal to its roster which can be programmed to serve pretty much any function. From using it to change scenes to employing it to peek corners, the Stream Deck Pedal will be useful for all sorts of activities. But you know what might be better than Elgato's product? An old keyboard. 

One TikTok creator, Boneyttv, has shown off his tried and tested setup and is telling his audience they don't need a Stream Deck Pedal at all. All they need is an old Dell keyboard, a plank of wood, styrofoam, and a dream. What an innovator. 

Hilariously this video is joking about how Elgato's new product is just an expensive floor keyboard which, admittedly, anyone can kind of make themselves. As long as you have an old keyboard with three functioning keys, you could theoretically put it on the floor under your feet and add any purpose you wanted to it. For Boneyttv that's crouching, push-to-talk, and in-game voice chat. And it seems to work for him so I really can't fault his idea. 


♬ original sound - Boney

The floor keyboard may not be as glossy or as polished as Elgato's brand new product but I can confidently say it works, it's cheaper, and there is a certain charm of a wooden pedal that appeals to me. Boney has presented his case welI—I applaud him. And I'm not the only one as this video on TikTok has well over 500k likes. That's one popular keyboard. 

Boney is making a name for himself by showing off his janky yet functional setup. The creator was in our news just last week after showing off his mouse which he cut in half with a handsaw because, and I quote, "I don't need the fucking back". Fair enough. 

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