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The Geralt Monster Hunter collaboration will feature a familiar Witcher 3 monster

We already knew that Geralt was going to be part of a Monster Hunter: World collaboration with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and with its console release today, we have more details on what that will actually entail when the event comes to PC 'at a later date.'

The crossover event will unlock a new quest line for all players that have reached Hunter Rank 16. The update naturally stars Geralt of Rivia, voiced by the original actor, Doug Cockle. 

‘Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest’ will have Geralt tracking down and defeating a powerful force that will be familiar to Witcher 3 players: the Leshen. Apparently, the creature is no pushover but you'll have the White Wolf's weapons and abilites to help you out, including his silver sword and combat magic. Additionally, players will be able to influence the story through the choices they make throughout the quest line.

A limited time event; ‘Contract: Woodland Spirit' will also be available for the more seasoned players that have earned Hunter Rank 50 or above. This challenging multiplayer event will test your hunter skills against a much tougher form of the Leshen.

The rewards for completing both contracts are pretty nifty too: ‘Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest’ will grant you resources for crafting Geralt's armour and weapon set, a new skin and weapon for your Palico companion, and new gestures, titles, and poses. Meanwhile, completing ‘Contract: Woodland Spirit’ will reward you with the resources needed to craft Ciri's armour and weapon set.

There's no news for when the collaboration will hit PC but at least we now know what to look forward to. A number PC Gamer's editors are sure to end up running around in newly crafted Ciri armour. 

Of course, we'll let you know the moment the PC release date drops. Here's what the Leshen looked like in The Witcher 3.

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