The Free Webgame Round-Up

By now you've probably cracked open Candy Box 2 and dined on the delicious lollypops within, so where do you turn to now for your browser-based, free gaming treats? You turn to The Free Webgame Round-Up, obviously, and to our weekly (mostly) collection of the best webgames around. This week: more Candy Box-style clicking, some 70s/80s-esque horror, turn-based shooting, pizza and a kingdom on a horse, not necessarily in that order.

Clicking Bad by Nullism

Play it online here.

Great. Another clickety click click clicking game, and one that happens to be themed after one of the greatest TV shows ever made: Bone Kickers Breaking Bad. It's less abstract than many other games of this type, seeing as it's based on an actual thing: drug dealing, and a thing that neatly fits into this economy-led genre. You'll find plenty of references to the show in the item descriptions, adding an extra layer of awesomeness to an already compulsive and robust game. (Via USgamer )

PizzaWizard by Daniel McFarline

Play it online here.

Well, it's a game about a Pizza Wizard - specifically a wizard that fires pizza from the top of a very tall tower, at goblins, dragons and the like. The neat twist here is that you draw the pizza's trajectory yourself, connecting a line from said wizard to said things what you want to blow up. Why is pizza so explosive, all of a sudden? I assume it's got something to do with magic. It usually does.

Bz..Bz.. by syawqy

Play it online here.

A turn-based shmup that pauses the action after every...action you and your many enemies (and their many bullets) take. As with that turn-based platformer (whose name eludes me) from a couple of months ago, Bz...Bz is mainly a novelty, experimental type thing, replacing twitch with lightly tactical gameplay, but without really changing the base design to match. It is quite fun to finally play a shmup that doesn't send me into a state of abject panic though.

Kingdom by noio

Play it online here.

Holy wow. Kingdom is a tower defence game, sorta - but before you take to your keyboard to moan about that, you should know that it's one of the loveliest I've played in a long time. You're a king on a kingly horse trying to survive for ten nights in a small village/camp in the wilderness. To help you in your quest to continue existing, you can employ wandering vagabonds by dropping money at their feet - then give them a weapon/tool by supplying the appropriate stall. This is all a lot of fun, but I love Kingdom for the astonishing pixel art, sound design and atmosphere, and I have a feeling you'll love it for those very same reasons too. (Via IndieGames )

Lakeview Cabin by Roope Tamminen

Play it online here.

With Halloween just around the corner, I should probably include a horror game, eh? Lakeview Cabin is a terrifically fun, hugely interactive horror inspired the myriad horrors that take place in a bunch of cabins by a bunch of seemingly tranquil lakes. You're a moustachioed dude who enjoys getting naked and drinking, and who soon finds himself stalked by a supernatural creature. It's quite hard to figure out what you need to do, but nonetheless it's great fun to mess around with the many items and stationary objects that litter your (mostly) peaceful island. (Via IndieGames )

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