The Free Webgame Round-Up

This week's roundup is a particularly gorgeous one, and not just because of my recent cosmetic surgery. (After much deliberation I opted for the rhinoplasty – I'm now primarily encountered in the African outback.) Beautiful glitches, garish peoplescapes, a cute wickle bunny rabbit and more await your peepers after the break.

Humanoid 47 by Jo 99

Play it online here.

It says a lot about a game when you feel compelled to hit the screenshot key every time you enter a new room. It says: 'this game looks freaking incredible', but also 'I'm pretty sure what colour palette my nightmares will be presented in tonight'. So yes – Humanoid 47 is another one of those static, puzzle-heavy adventure games, but it's one of the more striking I've encountered: a garish world of mechanical parts, startled heads, and whatever the hell that thing just was.

Mamono by TheDoom

Play it online here.

A cute little NES-style adventure with an unusual, roguelikey control scheme. You can't jump, so to reach high-up platforms or bypass obstacles you need to find and deploy special items instead. I ended up stuck in a sort of pit with no apparent way to escape, however, so you may want to bear that in mind before taking the plunge.

Sewer World by Floriaen

Play it online here.

Why on Earth is the soundtrack to this tricky rabbit-based platform game so damned fantastic? It somehow fits the game perfectly too, which is a minimalist, surreal and mechanically adept platformer, and one that's predictably far too hard for the likes of me.

exposure by zillix

Play it online here.

My favourite games conjure up their own worlds, with their own rules and cultures – and they leave the job of deciphering them up to you. exposure is such a game, created for Ludum Dare, and it will take a few goes to figure out the obscure mechanics, and achieve anything better than the 'bad' ending. Until you do, there's plenty to enjoy: a terrific art style, a novel 3D perspective, and a giant colossus dude lurking in the background. (Via IndieGames )

GLITCH by Travis Chen

Play it online here.

I'm hesitant to recommend GLITCH thanks to its infuriating lack of checkpoints, but I think y'all should play it at least, even if you don't make it the end. Beneath the polymorphous exterior, this is a simple first-person platformer – but it's one where the world (or your meagre interpretation of it at least) frequently transforms before your eyes. GLITCH is tense and gloomy and visually kinda staggering, and I don't think a couple of carefully placed checkpoints would really take anything away from that. (Via Free Indie Games )

Tom Sykes

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