The Free Webgame Round-Up

Continuing last week's theme of games either disappearing or not working by the time I come to try them, I wasn't able to play Cookie Clicker in time for this week's roundup, but I've just had a quick go and it's bloody wonderful in a Candy Box/A Dark Room sorta of way. So play that! But also stick around for another collection of cracking confectionary, which this week is brought to you by the letter, I dunno, Q. Enjoy!

BNKR by Piter Games

Play it online here.

A Machinarium-esque adventure game set in a world populated by robots – a world that used to be ours, by the way. BNKR is rather beautifully drawn, a little scrappy in all the right places, and rich in world-building and atmosphere.

Time Flies Straight by mrspeaker

Play it online here.

Remember the recent Ludum Dare and its '10 seconds' theme? mrspeaker takes it in a more scientific direction, using a floating Carl Sagan – is there any other kind? - to explore “mushy” fractal time, on your quest to claim a couple of extra seconds and grab a mystical orby thing before you die. (Via Indie Statik )

The Silver Gymnasium by Will Sheff and Benjamin Miles

Play it online here.

Created as a tie-in, or a companion piece, to Okkervil River's upcoming album The Silver Gymnasium (they're a bit like The Arcade Fire), this identically titled game is an episodic 8 bit-style adventure game set in frontman Will Sheff's New Hampshire hometown. He teamed up with Eyes and Ears' Benjamin Miles to make it, and the result is a neat, nostalgic little adventure with an Earthbound vibe. (Via Stereogum )

Discoverie by Ben Weatherall and Matthew Hall

Play it online here.

An oddly serene first-person crossbow-'em-up featuring procedural generation (check), an exceptional lighting engine (check check) and even Oculus Rift compatibility (check check check). Discoverie was also made in just seven days , which is bloody amazing considering the above. There are several wonderfully weird enemies to discover in the game's sizeable dungeon, your journey accompanied by an extremely peaceful, perfect-for-Sunday soundtrack. Lovely stuff. (Via IndieGames )

The Juno Incident by Steve Salmond

Play it online here.

Another excellent, technically impressive 7DFPS entry, this time set on the moon. It's a survival shoot-'em-up on a Super Mario Galaxy-style spherical environment – only instead of fighting goombas you're gibbing zombified astronauts, who explode in a satisfying shower o' chunks. (Via IndieGames )

Tom Sykes

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