The flood of Lady Dimitrescu fanart will drown us all and we will like it

Something about Lady Dimitrescu, the tall vampire lady from those Resident Evil Village trailers, is resonating with a lot of people who play videogames. Tired of sitting at home, we are perhaps collectively a more lustful bunch. I think of hugging anyone, literally anyone, and my skin tingles. Phew. Headrush. 

So here comes Lady Dimitrescu, A) someone that most of the internet would gladly hug or at least accept praise from, and B) a terrifying monster made of bugs. Hearth and hell. She's also just cool, with that fancy dress and laidback let's-jab-a-scythe-through-this-guy's-foot-and-drag-him-around-the-dungeon attitude. And if you live in a damn castle, you're someone I want to know by default. (Please invite me to your castle parties.) 

And yet, I'm still surprised to see such a flood of fanart roll in for Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters, months before Resident Evil Village comes out. Resident Evil 7's Jack certainly didn't get this treatment, though I guess it's not a surprise that the internet didn't get too revved up about drawing someone's unhealthy dad. 

Scroll with me, slack jawed, not just at the imposing, powerful presence Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters radiate (please gut me), but at the quick turnaround on all the great art here. Artists are hammering out good stuff all over the place in such a wide range of styles, and it's still pouring in. Show some love by checking out their  other work, following their socials, and spreading the good word. 

Alright, now take a deep breath and commence scrolling. 

Resident Evil 8 Village Mommy caught you! from r/residentevil
Lady Dimitrescu artwork by DangerousBride from r/residentevil
Alcina is sooooo Tall | by NovaKiit from r/residentevil
Lady Dimitrescu : instagram @achzart from r/residentevil
Lady Dimitrescu & Her Daughters - Artist: @Jeanpanzie from r/residentevil
We all know why we're playing RE8 from r/residentevil
Drew the lady in an MvC/Bengus style portrait. Would love her (or Jack) in a future Capcom fighting game from r/residentevil
Would she kill me without hesitation? probably. But I can fix her from r/residentevil
She came to step on us all 🕷️ | Lady Dimistrescu (by @VeeringCycle) from r/residentevil
"Have you pre-ordered RE:8 yet?" (Art by @QT0ri) from r/residentevil
Lady Alcina Dimitrescu - Artist: Virak from r/residentevil
Dimitrescu kabedon (Duckmeat_Woohoo on Twitter) from r/residentevil
Lady Dimitrescu and her Girls by SNEGOVSKI from r/residentevil
RE:8/Village, but it's Kale and Cabba from DragonBall (@jammeryx) from r/residentevil
Big fan of Lady Dimitrescu so far from r/residentevil
My fanart Lady Dimitrescu and her Daughter from r/residentevil
My Lady Dimitriscu fanart I wanted to share. from r/residentevil
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