A new Resident Evil Village teaser has fans thirsting for a very tall vampire

On Thursday, January 21, at 2 pm Pacific we'll get a new look at Resident Evil Village, also known as Resident Evil 8: Village, or Resident Evil VIIIage, if you want to be a true agent of chaos. The Resident Evil Showcase event was announced today with a brief teaser video (embedded above) and will be broadcast on Twitch, bringing us "a new trailer, first-ever gameplay, and more Resident Evil news."

Are Resident Evil fans on Twitter expressing joy over the opportunity to "be among the first to react to a new trailer," as promised by the announcement? Not exactly. The way I came across the news was YouTuber and streamer The Sphere Hunter declaring in all caps: "GUYS, THE VAMPIRE LADY IS ACTUALLY EXTREMELY TALL!!!"

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Predictably, the people in that thread like the tall vampire lady very much. We'll just have to see if Capcom gives the people what they want, which is for the tall vampire lady to stomp around in pursuit of them like Nemesis. 

Resident Evil Village was announced last summer during the game news fracas that took the place of E3. It's the eighth main series Resident Evil game, even if the number is only alluded to by the graphical treatment of the word "village." It may release this April, if a leak is to be trusted—check out everything we know about it here.

The showcase will also serve as the reveal for something new. Capcom is currently taking signups for an online beta test "celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Resident Evil." We'll find out what that's all about during the event.

Tyler Wilde
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