The FIFA 18 reveal trailer is 'fueled by Ronaldo'

E3 is just a week away, and the pre-E3 EA Play event, which runs June 10-12, is even closer. That's where Electronic Arts will unveil, among other things, the debut gameplay trailer for FIFA 18, the latest iteration of its long-running soccer (that's right, soccer) simulator. Ahead of that—as in, right now—we can kick back and enjoy the less game-like, but much more cinematic and Ronaldo-fueled, reveal trailer.

FIFA 18 will be available in three different configurations. There's the standard edition, which includes five Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, a Cristiano Ronaldo loan for five games of FIFA Ultimate Team, and eight "special edition kits" for FUT designed by FIFA soundtrack artists. There's the Ronaldo Edition, which also includes 20 Jumbo Premium Gold Packs and three days of early access to the game. And at the top of the heap there's the Icon Edition, with 40 Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, plus one three-match Team of the Week loan player per week for 20 weeks, and another Ronaldo, Ronaldo Nazário, who was apparently a pretty good soccer player too. 

FIFA 18 is scheduled for release on September 29, minus the three-day early access period if you preorder. A trial version will be available to Origin Access subscribers beginning on September 21.   

Andy Chalk

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