The Expanse is getting the Telltale treatment, and the choice of protagonist is strong

Amazon sci-fi show The Expanse is getting a Telltale adventure series, which would've been unsurprising news in 2016, before Telltale fell apart, shut down, and bits of it were sold off.

Telltale never quite collapsed entirely, though, and the Telltale name was taken by a new owner, LCG Entertainment. Not everyone formerly associated with Telltale was excited about the resurrection, as Polygon reported in 2019, but at least outwardly, the new Telltale seems to be carrying on like the past few years were a dream (maybe they were).

At The Game Awards, the studio announced a series based on The Expanse, a novel series and Amazon sci-fi show about a war between Earth, Martian colonists, and "Belters," people who live and work in the asteroid belts and are unable to live under planetary gravity.

The protagonist of the series will be Camina Drummer, a no-nonsense Belter played by Cara Gee, who made an appearance at The Game Awards. The brief trailer, embedded above, looks very much like something the Telltale of the past would've announced. I'm curious to see what this new incarnation of the company produces.

As for The Expanse, its sixth and final season starts this Friday on Amazon. The show started on SyFy and was canceled after three seasons before being brought back by Amazon. It's not consistently great, but there are cool characters and cool ideas, especially when it's consistent about taking a thoughtful approach to the physics and physiology of living and working in space. 

One thing I appreciate is the choice of lead character for the game: Drummer is about 10 times cooler than most of the others in the show.

Telltale has a website, but there isn't much more information about the game on it.

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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