The Evil Within 2 teases horrific in-game artwork of mysterious antagonist Stefano

The few trailers we've seen of The Evil Within 2 so far have erred on the psychological side of survival horror—yet we don't know all too much about the game's cast beyond returning protagonist Sebastian Castellanos. 

Stefano is billed as a killer, STEM user, and "flashy photographer with a proclivity for 'unconventional' beauty". Bethesda has now revealed a selection of his rather disturbing "masterpieces", that our Sebastian can check out in-game. 

"He calls himself an artist, and maybe that was an accurate self-description at one point in his life," so reads this blurb. "But Stefano’s mind has been warped, and his pursuit of pure beauty has taken him too far." 

Bethesda adds that we should keep our eyes peeled for more on Stefano "in the coming weeks", but the following artwork makes me question if that's a good idea at all.

The Evil Within 2 is due October 13, obviously.