The EVGA Kingpin RTX 3090 Ti may feature 1275W of power inputs

Kingpin 3090
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The gamer that has everything will soon have a new flagship graphics card to lust after. The RTX 3090 Ti is very likely the best Ampere card that will ever be released, and the best of any card until next generation Ada Lovelace cards appear later in the year. The 3090 Ti might be a monster, and on the Nvidia side of things, there are none more powerful than EVGA's Kingpin models. This is a card that’s expected to be one of, if not the most expensive consumer level graphics cards ever, and with its dual 12-pin power connectors, it can provide up to 1275W of juice. Yes. Almost 1.3 KW of power.

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A user at the QuasarZone forums and on Twitter, Harukaze5719 posted some details on the EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Kingpin card. Anyone that’s seen or more luckily, owned a Kingpin GPU knows that these are extreme graphics cards with specs and a PCB built for ln2 overclocking, with the highest clocks and most powerful VRMs of all.

A new flagship Kingpin card isn’t surprising in itself, but the rumor that the card will include dual 12-pin power connectors very much is. At 600w per connector plus the 75W from the slot, this means you'll have up to 1275W on tap. Of course, the card won’t consume that much, but even under 100% stock operation, we’re surely looking at well over 400W - and possibly a lot more. This means the card will require either a very beefy three to four slot design, or a hybrid AIO cooling solution such as that included with the current Kingpin RTX 3090 (pictured above).

The 3090 Ti is the granddaddy of the Ampere generation. Its expected to be equipped with the fully unlocked GA102 GPU, with 10752 cores and 24GB of 21 Gbps GDDR6X memory. This compares to the 10496 and 19.5Gbps of the RTX 3090. The 3090 carries a 350W TDP, or higher with custom models. So we can expect the base 3090 Ti to push over the 400W barrier, with custom cards like the Kingpin probably pushing the 500W mark. And that’s before taking any overclocking into consideration which is what these cards are built for.

It’s likely we’ll see Nvidia talk about the RTX 3090 Ti at its CES presentation, currently scheduled for Tuesday, January 4th at 8AM Pacific (UTC+8)

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