The Escapists 2 shows off its three timed 'transport' prisons

Of its ten proposed jails, Mouldy Toof and Team 17's The Escapists 2 has so far teased its western-themed Rattlesnake Springs and space-flung U.S.S. Anomaly lockups. Now it's unveiled a further three: Cougar Creek Railroad, HMS Orca and Air Force Con—each of which is a moving, timed 'transport' prison. 

From front to back, Team 17 explains Cougar Creek as set on a fast-moving train guarded by swirling vultures overhead, the HMS Orca as a seaship bound for an Alcatraz-esque isolated island, and Air Force Con as a plane-based prison which, so far as I can see in the following trailer, has escapees parachuting to freedom. 

Here's that: 

When The Escapists 2 arrives on August 22, it'll come with another seven jails, drop in and drop out multiplayer features, a new combat system and over 300 customisation options for players to craft their own personalised convicts.