The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim pre-orders to get bonus map, will Skyrim use Games for Windows Live?

Skyrim horse thumb

Breaking news, everyone! We have just received word from Bethesda that pre-orders will come with a bonus map. And you thought unlimited dragons were exciting. If you pre-order the game you'll actually be able to plan your route by physically tracing your finger over the map's contours, before reaching over to press the fast travel button on your keyboard.

The map is listed as "premium quality," but will it be made of cloth? Cloth maps are on average 150% more caressable and andventurey than paper or plastic ones. You'll find a picture of the map below, floating in a grey void with copies of the game perched on top, carefully obscuring any information written on the map's surface. In addition, RPS commenter JFS spotted what could be the Games for Windows Live logo on the PC box of the game, suggesting that Skyrim could use Microsoft's much maligned system.

Tom Senior

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