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The Elder Scrolls Online Update 3 adds armor dyes, improved guild management, and more

The first big change in the new Elder Scrolls Online update is the addition of dyes. Now players can change the color of their armor—provided they've unlocked the desired color with the appropriate achievement, that is. That's not meant to belittle the importance of looking good in the Argonian hood, I'm just surprised that it's given such prominence.

Of course, it's far from the only thing on the list of changes in the new update . Guild management has improved, and leaders of guilds with more than ten members can now design their own unique heraldry for equippable tabards that can be purchased through the guild store. Guilds can also hire merchants from the Gold Coast Trading Company, who will serve as public outlets for guild stores.

Changes have also been made to Alliance War Campaigns: Those that were underway prior to the patch have been closed, while five new ones are opening. Players who were assigned to a Campaign prior to the 1.3.3 patch will be given a free Home Campaign assignment, but switching campaigns will now result in a three-day lockout.

There's more, but it's minutiae, generally speaking: Instant weapon swapping, improved visual quality, a new difficulty for the final fight in the Aetherian Archive and Hel Ra Citadel, that sort of thing. Perhaps important to people who already play the game, in other words, but not likely to bring in anyone who doesn't. Maybe Leif's status update from the ESO front lines will convert a few players.

Andy Chalk
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