The Division's update 1.4 is out now

"There's so much loot in 1.4 that thieves will turn into philanthropists," said James in his overview of The Division's latest update when it launched its three-stage Public Test Server last month. The latter wrapped up last week, and update 1.4 is now ready for download—with servers down for maintenance from 8.30am BST/12.30am PST until 11.30am BST/3.30am PST. 

Beyond loot adjustments, Ubisoft is determined to "bring back the shooter feeling" by applying a range of rebalances and reworks to gear, armour and weapons. Firstly, gear dropped in World Tier 2 and above will come with three variable stats—Firearms, Stamina, and Electronics—which facilitate a "standard baseline,"  that in turn prevents "accidentally making the game much more difficult than it has to be." 

Armour and weapons are in-line for similarly comprehensive makeovers with damage bonus calculations, mods and talents and DPS formula subject to change; while stamina is now essential for equipping heavy armour. 

Full details on the above can be found in this direction

"Update 1.4 is now available for download on all platforms," says a tweet posted by The Division's official Twitter account. It continues, suggesting the download size is anything between 4.5GB and 5.7GB. Steam users are however reporting sizes under 4GB.