The Division's game-breaking bug won't be fixed until April 12

The Division challenge mission

An update to The Division that went live in March changed the game in a bunch of good ways, and one that, for some players, was very much the opposite of good. After it deployed, complaints began rolling in that high-end backpacks were disappearing from inventories, and worse, that players were being locked out of the game entirely. The bug apparently only affected a small number of players, but even so, that's a serious issue.

The good news is that Ubisoft was able to nail down the cause of the problem in relatively short order. Unfortunately, getting it fixed is another matter entirely, and those of you locked out of your accounts are going to have to wait awhile before you get back in.

“We will be deploying a fix in update 1.1 on April 12th that should resolve instances of the infinite loading/backpack issue,” Community Manager Natchai_Ubisoft wrote in an update posted today. “Due to this fix requiring a client patch, we cannot deploy it at an earlier date. We thank you for your patience.”

Not an April Fools' joke, I'm afraid. We'll let you know if Ubisoft manages to get something out sooner, but that wording sounds awfully solid to me.

Andy Chalk

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