Where to find the Division 2 Judge Key

The Division 2 Warlords of New York Expansion
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The Division 2 Judge Key can be easily missed, and in all the excitement of the Warlords of New York expansion, you'll probably just want to track it down and continue blasting through your mission log. There's plenty to do in the new expansion and little time to waste. 

Look, I get it, you're hot on Theo Parnell's trail, but finding both the key and the secret room that it unlocks is slowing you down. Rather than spending ages traipsing around the Courthouse and scouring every floor, let's save some time. I'm here to point you towards the Judge Key in The Division 2 so you can score valuable loot without breaking a sweat.

The Division 2 Judge Key location

You're on the hunt for Aaron Keener's rogue agent, Theo Parnell, but he's proving elusive. This chap is a master of deception and his winding trail leads you to the Courthouse. After securing the courtroom with some well-placed grenades, you encounter a shielded foe called Judge. Thankfully, Judge isn't quite as imposing as their name suggests: smoking them out with fire is the way to go.

Grab the loot from your downed opponents and follow the marker to the Judge's Chambers. Continue past the elevators and turn left into the room with the American flags. Walk around the desk and stand next to the reading light to locate the Judge Key.  

With the key in hand, the next stop is the lobby. Exit the room and retrace your steps to the elevator and drop down into the shaft. Head over to the door marked Hall and secure the room. Once you're safe, hop behind the large desk in the middle and stand next to the second PC from the left. Interact with the computer to lift the shutters on the Information Desk opposite, and vault into the newly unlocked room. Walking through the Record Storage door, you find a large green case filled with loot. 

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