The Division 2 is going free again this weekend

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

The Division 2 is getting another free weekend. Earlier today, Ubisoft announced that you'll be able to play its pandemic-driven shooter at no cost, from September 24 until September 28.

Ubisoft previously hosted a free weekend last October to celebrate the second 'episode' of new content, and another in February this year. If you enjoyed your time roaming the streets of Washington D.C. back then, but still weren't fully compelled to take the plunge, Ubi says that your progress will carry over this time around, which is a nice way to ensure you don't have to slog through the early game for a second time.

As is pretty standard practice by now, the free weekend is accompanied by a massive discount, so if you decide to take the plunge, you can pick up the entire game for up to 85% off. As well as all the stuff that was available at launch, that knock-down price also applies to all of the content that's been added to The Division 2 over the past 18 months.

To access the free weekend on PC, you'll need to head to Uplay or the Epic Games Store. You'll be able to play from 09:00 local time on Thursday until 16:00 local time the following Monday.

We described The Division 2 as "hour-eating and frequently thrilling" when we reviewed it last March, and Ubisoft has expanded it a lot over the past year, moving the action back to New York and introducing plenty of new endgame content. You're unlikely to be delving into that over the course of one weekend, but it's a sign that there'll be plenty to do if you're looking for a longer-term timesink.