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The Division 2 in-game posters hint at return to New York City

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Last month, Ubisoft revealed that The Division 2's first year of updates would be organised into three "episodes". We know the names and locations of the first two—DC: Outskirts Expeditions and Pentagon: The Last Castle respectively—but the third remains a mystery. Thanks to multiple posters throughout the game, players reckon the third episode will involve a return to New York City, the location of the original game.

Posters reading "NYC After Dark" (which you could easily stylize as NYC: After Dark), are found throughout the world—the above picture was taken by Reddit user WillyPete. The poster teases "a return to the Big Apple" in January, which matches with episode three's "winter" release window. 

It's still speculation at this stage, but New York City would seem like the ideal location for a Survival Mode, which the developers have said they're keen to include in The Division 2 after its success in the first game.

Ubisoft creative director Julian Gerighty even commented on a Twitter thread that detailed the rumors as well as suggested improvements for Survival Mode, which will do nothing to dampen speculation about a return to NYC.

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