The creators of Monster Prom are working on an alien K-pop sim

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Monster Prom developer Beautiful Glitch is currently working on a sequel to its saucy multiplayer dating sim, but it's also got some plans up in the stars. Teased last month, the studio's new project swaps horny high school monsters with fame-hungry alien musicians. 

The new game, still without a title, is in a very early stage of development, but creative director Julián Quijano recently shared some more details with us. Despite not being a dating sim, the formula should still be familiar, splicing visual novels and RPGs, but instead of competing with each other, players will need to work together to craft a hit song. 

Monster Prom turned me into a really awful person, working just as hard to scuttle the attempts of my classmates to find love as I did to find my own date. I ended up being the only one that didn't go to prom solo, but at what cost? Hopefully the co-op bent will stop me from turning evil again.  

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The team wants to explore the tropes of K-pop, sci-fi and the creative journey, and while bands are no strangers to sex and drugs, Quijano says that it will be toning down the thirstiness—but not the jokes and absurdity—in comparison to the bawdy Monster Prom. 

In its predecessor, players picked various high school activities throughout the day, like hitting up the gym, skipping class and studying in the library, and then participated in story events together, helping or hindering each other. Quijano isn't ready to reveal what the band members will be able to do on their journey to stardom, but expect the structure to be similar.

One of the new features Beautiful Glitch is exploring is giving each band member special roles, like talking to the audience on social media, working on the video or even managing the band's resources. I've always felt like I had a chart-topping song in me, so hopefully I'll be able to talk my bandmates to putting me on writing duty. 

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While there's still a lot up in the air, my interest is more than piqued. Monster Prom was one of my favourite roleplaying romps last year, unexpectedly evoking tabletop roleplaying better than some of the traditionalist CRPGs, so it's a solid foundation to build on. 

Beautiful Glitch isn't talking release dates yet, for this or Monster Prom 2, though the latter does have a Steam page

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