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Confirmed: Star Wars: Squadrons has escort missions

Earlier this summer I played a few hours of Star Wars: Squadrons, including its tutorial campaign mission and quite a few multiplayer dogfights. I didn't get to see much of its later story, though, which EA has been a bit more secretive about. Squadrons' Gamescom trailer today didn't show off much, but there are still snippets of new stuff in the video above, including something we can all get excited about: Escort missions! Woo!!!!

The mission shown in the trailer is from the Imperial campaign, where you go "behind enemy lines" to a New Republic planet and extract a secret agent from an orbital outpost. The mission requires taking out defensive installations and escorting an Imperial shuttle to safety. 

The rest of the trailer just highlights things about the game we already know, but Wedge Antilles also shows up in a brief cutscene, which is a nice little moment for nerds like me who read all those Rogue Squadron books back in the day.

Squadrons is out on PC on October 2nd.

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