The Brotherhood Of Steel is coming to Fallout 76

After biding their time, the Brotherhood Of Steel is finally ready to make their presence known in multiplayer wasteland Fallout 76. Announced earlier today, the fan-favourite techno-zealots are set to trample their way through West Virginia in the Steel Dawn update later this year.

Today's tease takes the form of an in-fiction recruitment ad, urging the denizens of Appalachia to stop firing nukes at each other for a second and sign up to join the power-armour party. 

Despite having their metal faces plastered over half the franchise, the Brotherhood Of Steel was noticeably absent from Fallout 76 on release. An update back in August set up their return with a new NPC who'd give out Brotherhood merch if players met resource donation milestones, while a story regarding the local Brotherhood chapter has simmered under the surface for some time. 

Steel Dawn marks the Brotherhood's proper, bombastic arrival in the wasteland, and it looks like they're bringing a whole load of firepower into the fray. The trailer itself is an action montage, filled with melting mutants and iron-clad soldiers walking slowly away from explosions.

Not that we have too many specifics right now, mind. A few new quests and NPCs are a given, as is the opportunity to kit out with some proper Brotherhood-themed outfits and guns. There's also a brief peek at what appears to be the Brotherhood's headquarters in Appalachia. No giant airship, I'm afraid - we're too early in the timeline for that kind of nonsense.

Steel Dawn is due to arrive sometime before the end of the year. In the meantime, Fallout 76 is currently having a free week of nuclear multiplayer shenanigans, in celebration of the setting's fictional atomic armageddon. Bit grim, but at least it comes with a preview of premium subscription service Fallout 1st.

Natalie Clayton
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