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The Blackout Club awakens suddenly into Early Access

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The Blackout Club (opens in new tab), a cooperative horror game about a group of teens trying to save their hometown from a mysterious force lurking beneath it, has launched into Early Access.

The surprise announcement was made yesterday via Twitter (opens in new tab), with the Blackout Club’s official Twitter account writing “The Blackout Club is 4 player co-op Horror, available now for Early Access on Steam.” It was accompanied by a new Early Access trailer which you can view above. It shows plenty of footage of the game in action, while also providing a stronger framing of the game's narrative element.

Developed by Question—a team headed by former BioShock veterans Jordan Thomas and Steven Alexander—the Blackout club sees you grouping together with your friends to investigate a mysterious force that has enveloped your suburban hometown, making all the teenagers randomly black out and turning the adult populace into sleepwalking puppets. 

In each semi-procedural mission, you explore the town using your smartphones to document evidence of the entity’s presence. Meanwhile, you have to evade the grasp of the Sleepwalkers, and watch out for the arrival of the Shape, a fearsome adversary who you can only detect by closing your in-game eyes. 

You can find out more about the game via a beta gameplay video here (opens in new tab), and in Sam Roberts' interview with Jordan Thomas here (opens in new tab).

In short, it’s a little bit Left4Dead, a little bit Thief, a little bit Bioshock, and all very exciting. You can currently pick up the Blackout Club on Steam (opens in new tab) at a launch discount of 10% off its usual $18/£15.49 price.