The Binding of Isaac creator's new game is called 0uroboros

The Binding of Isaac co-creator Edmund McMillen has announced the official title of the new project he teased earlier this summer, which is now called Øuroboros. Or 0uroboros, depending on your preference of font. The important thing is that it begins with a zero, not an O, although how important that actually is, I do not know. McMillen explained that, while the new game will feature the same protagonist as Time Fcuk, one of his previous games, it is “not at all a sequel ... [and] not remotely a puzzle game.” 

“The best way to describe it would probably be like if you took Mega Man, tossed him out of a moving car so fast it caused a tear in time and space that pulled our existence inside out. your guts being on the outside of your body would make it a lot easier to slide under doors and through the cracks in the sidewalk. writhing in pain as you slide deeper inside the earth, only to find yourself smashed against the veiny eyeball stalks of another iteration of you that seems to have slipped down here years ago. you guys have a long talk about your aches and pains but are suddenly interrupted by the gooey paper thin body of some other guy who looks exactly like you and your new best friend,” McMillen explained. “'Who the fuck are you buddy?' you ask him… no reply.” 

And then you kiss. Passionately and with purpose. 

Somewhat more succinctly, he added, “0uroboros is an action based platformer/shooter with random level generation and the like, ala binding of isaac or spelunky, but… off. No idea when it will be done, but its nice to have a title and finally give it a voice.” 

The post includes a brief gameplay video that was actually put up at the end of August, very similar to the one that came with the July tease and somewhat Isaac-ish, but with more of a rotational thing going on. McMillen also revealed details on some Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ that were “spoiled” at PAX, and said that there's no news on the Legend of Bumbo front, but that he hopes to be able to reveal gameplay and the story soon.

Andy Chalk

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