The best Steam Summer Sale deals: Day 10

It's always a bit weird seeing how quickly game prices depreciate, particularly when a Steam sale is involved. The pick of today's deals - Wolfenstein: The New Order - is only a few weeks old, but it can now be had for a delicious 50% off. The question is, with only a few days left of the summer sale, what other surprises lie in store? The other question is: can your wallet take any more of this? If the answer is 'yes', join us after the break.

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Reminder: if a game isn't a daily deal or a flash sale, it could pop up later in the sale for an even lower price. If you want to be safe, wait until June 30 to pick up a sale-long deal.

5 - Garry's Mod

75% off: $2.49 / £1.49 - Steam store page

You likely already own Garry's Mod by now, but if you don't, this is a grand price to pay for the legendary mod arguably responsible for the extraordinary amount of user-created content Valve's Source-engine games have enjoyed over the last ten or so years. If you've ever wanted to puncture G-Man's briefcasey mystique, or play around with the physics of the Source engine, Garry's Mod should be your first port of call. Garry himself is now making the multiplayer survival game Rust, which is a little less silly, and little more caveman-penisy, than the mod that bears his name.

4 - Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

80% off: $4.99 / £3.79 - Steam store page

There's not too much chivalry going on in Medieval Warfare, but there are enough severed limbs, spurting blood and gleaming swords here to keep Game of Thrones fans amused until Season 5 rolls along to finish off the rest of their favourite characters (that wasn't a spoiler, don't worry). Here's a spoiler for Chivalry, however: it's a game about people hitting each other with swords, ballistas, throwing knives, and other weapons that have fallen by the wayside in modern warfare. It's bloody, fast-paced, and more than a little silly with it.

3 - Broken Age

66% off: $8.49 / £6.45 - Steam store page | Flash deal: buy before 8 p.m. EST

We're still waiting on Act 2 - which is included in the price of this - but as Broken Age's first part proved to be reassuringly adept at the old adventure gaming thing back in January, we're not too worried about a sudden curveball turning it into Limbo of the Lost or anything like that. Broken Age Act 1 might not be quite as clever as you may be expecting from some of the team that brought you Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle, but there's still much to enjoy about this gorgeous game's first half, as detailed in our review .

2 - Shadowrun Returns

75% off: $3.74 / £2.74 - Steam store page

Shadowrun Returns is a good RPG hampered by an interface and engine seemingly designed for tablets first and foremost. If you'd bought it back at the time of its release, you may have been rightly furious about the awful save system too, which relied on infrequent checkpoints - but this has thankfully since been remedied with a patch. With this in place, this first Shadowrun effort from Harebrained Schemes is solid and enjoyable, boasting an XCOM-style battle system, a level editor, and a pretty interesting noir-style story - but its expansion, Dragonfall, is where it truly comes alive. Dragonfall is more open, better-written and more memorable than the main campaign - and it's currently available for 60% off. £2.74 is a very good price for the enjoyable Shadowrun Returns, but while it's cheap you should consider picking up Dragonfall too. Check out our reviews of Returns and Dragonfall for more.

1 - Wolfenstein: The New Order

50% off: $29.99 / £17.49 - Steam store page

Wolfenstein: The New Order is surprising. Very surprising. While on the surface it might look like just another Nazi-blasting shooter, there's a surprisingly strong story here, along with surprisingly fleshed out stealth mechanics, and a surprisingly detailed vision of an alternate 1960s ruled by the Third Reich. (See how many times we used the word 'surprising' there?) Chris' review will give you the full story, but here's his conclusion: "You can blow a Nazi to pieces among some lovingly-designed sixties furnishings and probably should." In the game, we hasten to add.

Thief (50% off) $14.99 / £9.99

Football Manager 2014 (75% off) $12.49 / £8.74

Edge of Space (50% off) $6.49 / £4.99


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