The best Rust videos so far: a brave reporter, a naked conga and wolves that strike from the sky

Rust is the biggest alpha game on Steam right now. The arid multiplayer survival sim drops players into the middle of its world mostly naked and armed only with a rock. Silliness inevitably follows, and is often captured by streamers, and those who keep an ongoing record of their in-game lives for posterity, who happen to have caught some farcical moments along the way.

We've rounded up a few of the best Rust videos so far, featuring a determined and oft-killed in-game reporter, sky wolves, a house beneath the sea and more.

The Rust Reporter

Nothing highlights the absurdity of Rust better than Argyle Alligator's running commentary. Slipping into the role of intrepid investigative journalist, he scours Rust's brown wastelands for incidents, and finds himself saying things like "there is a mutant wolf trying to attack a man and another man is helping him with a rock ... a bear has joined the chase!"

And watch Argyle interview players in this equally-good video.

Naked Conga

You take many risks when you enter the world of Rust. There's the risk of starving, or being eaten by a wolf. There's also a risk of being co-opted into a nude conga at gunpoint by the "Penis Brothers". That is the risk you take when you enter the world of Rust.

How to deal with bandits

What do you do when a bunch of raiders come knocking with shotguns? The answer, if you're Youtuber "bill gates", is to kill everyone . This guy is good at Rust.

The god of gifts

Now let's turn to the altruistic side of Rust. If you're going to give away items to other players for free, you might as well do it properly, with a couple of dramatic campfires and a booming voice. Would you take this guy's offerings?

Oompa Loompa murder

How did this player find themselves in the middle of a murderous circle of bandits bopping up and down to the Oompa Loompa theme ? Anyway, it happened, and here's what happened next.

The best possible use for bullets

YouTube comment: "I dit it it freakin fun to do it but it costed me like 60 bullets lol". Worth it, surely.

Rust's Rapture

Water doesn't always work quite as it's supposed to in Rust, which is why you can apparently lay down lit campfires while submerged, and build huge underwater towers.

Death by sky wolves

Where's all that barking coming from - OH GOD NO THEY'RE COMING OUT OF THE SUN. Rust is still in very early stages. For all the group frolicking/murdering we've seen in the videos above, it's still a very buggy game in this alpha state. That's assuming that flying wolves ARE a bug, and not some ingenious feature that we've yet to fully comprehend.

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