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It’ll be a short but intense list this week as the League of Legends quarter finals dominate the esports calendar. As more and more blood gets shed in Summoner’s Rift, eyes turn to London for the next round of clashes between European, South East Asian, Chinese and Taiwanese teams. Not a League person? MLG’s World Finals provide an alternative dose of Dota, and Smite’s Fall Split rumbles ever onwards.

League of Legends: 2015 World Championship

The Worlds quarter finals are currently happening in London, with one single-elimination best-of-five being played every day until Sunday. At 17:00 BST/09:00 PDT you can catch favourites SKTelecom T1 as they face off against Taiwan's ahq e-Sports Club. At 14:00 BST/06:00 PDT tomorrow, Fnatic versus the best-named team in esports, Edward Gaming. At the same time on Sunday, KT Rolster against KOO Tigers. All of the games are available via the official LoLesports site (and on BBC Three, if you’re in the UK.) Unfamiliar with professional League of Legends and need some help following along? Check out our primer and guide to the meta.

Dota 2: MLG World Finals 2015

The year-long MLG Dota 2 season comes to an end in New Orleans. A spread of the best teams including Evil Geniuses, Team Secret, Cloud9,, CDEC and (Monkey) Business will do Dota at each other for a slice of that $250,000+ prize pool. It's not quite the unrelenting onslaught of international Dota we had last weekend, but makes for a good way to keep the hype going as the Frankfurt Major inches closer. The groupstage finals will take place on Saturday from 16:00 BST/08:00 PDT, and the bracket will run on Sunday from the same time. Watch the official stream here.

Smite: SPL Fall Split Week 9

Your weekly diet of professional Smite is right where you'd expect it. Play starts at 18:00 BST/10:00 PDT on both Saturday and Sunday, and as always you should check out the tireless official Smite Twitch stream for all of the action. The first game of the weekend will be Epsilon Esports versus SWC 2015 runners-up Titan. If you're not aware, Titan have just undergone their first roster change in a very long time—swapping out longstanding player Confrey for Brotuz. This is a good opportunity to get a sense of the new roster.

SLTV StarSeries LAN Final

Finally, if you're looking to unwind with some wizard poker, the StarSeries LAN final will be running across Saturday and Sunday. Battle commences on StarLadder's Twitch channel at 14.00 BST/06:00 PDT on both days, and there's a decent crop of players involved, including Dog, Kolento, Orange and current European Champion Thijs. It'll be interesting to see how many of them are still using the Grim Patron deck, what with next week's impending Warsong Commander mega nerf.

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