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The best free games of the week

I Know This

This week is brought to you by loveable Hollywood hackers, who leak code from every fingertip, who never, ever use a mouse, and who sometimes look a lot like Angelina Jolie. A hacker by the name of 'The girl from Jurassic Park' is indirectly responsible for one of this week's highlights, but if you can't fake-code to save your life, perhaps you'll enjoy crafting yourself a new body, taking a run in the woods, bleeding out or escaping from a creepy subway. Enjoy!

Perfect Glowing Bodies by Strangethink

Perfect Glowing Bodies

Strangethink's latest Strangethinky thing is a program that will let you build a perfect new body. They all look a bit like space wizards or power rangers, but who among us would rather be a dangly fleshy meatbag given the choice? All that remains is for Strangethink to implement large-scale 3D printing and/or consciousness uploading, and then we can all look like magic space power rangers for ever.

Way to Go by Vincent Morisset, Philippe Lambert, Edouard Lanctot-Benoit, Caroline Robert

Way To Go

Take a walk on the wild side (you know, like that song...Spaceballs) with the splendid Way to Go, a game that uses loads of lovely video footage and music to plonk you right in one of the best places in the world: a wood. It's one of those 'experience' type games, as opposed to games where you glumly fill up XP bars or get better at manhandling digital wizards. Do you like free 'experience' type games? You'll almost certainly like this, then—er, unless you use Firefox or Internet Explorer, as Chrome is the only supported browser. (Via RPS)

I Know This by Two's Complement

I Know This2

Jurassic Park had a really interesting mockup security program thing [Update: actually it's a real thing], which used basic 3D modelling to display protected files and folders. It was a great way to visualise a lot of boring data—and now that program has been recreated as a game. With further inspiration from the ace, along with Microsoft's asshole Office Assistant paperclip, I Know This is a fun way to feel like a coder without having any talent for coding whatsoever. Explore, type, and avoid the attention of security spotlights, while enjoying the interjections of an annoying pointy arrow.

Bleeding by Arielle Grimes


Bleeding out, after what I imagine must have been another death in some grey first-person shooter, you decide to use your last few seconds on Earth to apologise to everyone you've killed. Sorry! Sorry! Really sorry about that! Oops, that looks painful! My bad! Well, you get the idea. Because game, apologies equal points—and what do points make? Nothing, you're dead. Sorry!

Minor Steps by Evgiz

Minor Steps

A small, robust puzzle game that's pretty much a top-down take on room escape. Prod rubbish piles, experiment, use items gruesomely on other things, all in a bid to escape from the predicament you're in. I find it interesting that this predicament isn't explained in any way—I was left wondering how on Earth your little character got into such a mess. (Via Warp Door)