The best Cities: Skylines mods, maps, and assets

Even those happy with Cities: Skylines have probably peered down at their creations and wished there was a bit more diversity in the types of buildings. A few too many identical skyscrapers or residences can take some of the wonder away from your city and make it feel a bit too plain. No worries. There's thousands of new buildings to subscribe to, and once you do, they'll start appearing in your city.

DP's Beautification Sets

Cities Skylines mod - DP's Beautification Sets

This is an easy pick for you and a simply massive amount of work by DPruett2333, who has been filling the workshop with prettier, updated versions of Skylines's buildings by adding flourishes like benches, bushes, parking spaces, and other little details to the game's hospitals, power plants, schools, and homes. Grab all of DP's beautification sets: the Building Set, the Residential Set, and the Commercial Set, and make your city more pleasing to the eye.

Gula's buildings

Cities Skylines mod - Gula's buildings

By now you've heard a former Maxis artist is making custom assets for Skylines, and they're well worth grabbing for your own city. From the coal power plant that produces more power, but also more pollution, to the adorable Down-and-Out Burger restaurant and Sherlock's Coffee shop, to the replica of Tampa's SunTrust office tower, these finely detailed creations should be part of your town.

Ericsson Globe

Cities Skylines mod - Ericsson Globe

Straight outta Stockholm, the Ericsson Globe is the largest hemispherical building in the world. While it's not to real-world scale in the game, the Ericsson Globe by ArakanI is still a beautiful recreation of a unique building that will delight your residents and give your city another notable landmark.

Space Shuttle

Cities Skylines mod - Space Shuttle

Houston, we've solved a problem. This unique building lets you plop a space shuttle memorial in your city, giving your residents and tourists the nice eyeful of NASA you've been looking for.

Stargate Metro System

Cities Skylines mod - Stargate Metro System

Proving a metro for your citizens is great, but not particularly exciting. Replacing your metro station with an Atlantis Stargate? That's a little better, even if it just takes them to the mall and not another planet.

Wayne Enterprises

Cities Skylines mod - Wayne Enterprises

Every city needs a hero, and every hero needs an office building to serve as headquarters for his multi-billion dollar corporation. Wayne Enterprises makes a nice addition to your city and a place for Bruce Wayne to sleep through shareholders meetings, especially if you build it on the Gotham City map.

Space Needle

Cities Skylines mod Space Needle

Seattle's iconic observation tower has been a tourist attraction since its construction for the 1962 World's Fair. Now the Space Needle can tower over your own city, pointing up at space as if to say, "Hey, space."

Turning Torso

Cities Skylines mod - Turning Torso

Another real-world landmark, the Turning Torso is the tallest skyscraper in Sweden. This recreation nicely captures its grace and elegance. While it's scaled down to match Skylines' native buildings, it's still a classy landmark for your metropolis.

Combine Citadel

Cities Skylines mod - Combine Citadel

Welcome to City 17. It's safer here, and nothing inspires a feeling of safety like a towering alien monolith, right? Plunk down a Combine Citadel in your town to remind the concerned citizens below that you've got everything under control. Just keep an eye peeled for trouble-making scientists.

Ghostbusters Firestation

Cities Skylines mod - Ghostbuster's Firestation

While ghosts, ghouls, and giant marshmallow golems don't present a threat to your city—for now, at least—fires certainly do. You can still let bustin' make you feel good by adding this replica of the Ghostbusters fire station HQ.

Recycling Center

Cities Skylines mod - Recycling Center

Tired of landfills and incineration plants stinking up your beautiful city? Replace them with the Recycling Center. It's slower to process garbage than the traditional choice, but it's clean and green.

Bluth's Banana Stand

Cities Skylines - Bluth's Banana Stand

Why not add the Bluth's Banana Stand to your commercial district? I hear there's money in it. It's also a nice landmark for your residents, since they can agree to meet at the big yellow joint. May burn down occasionally.

Chirper HQ

Cities Skylines - Chirper HQ

If you haven't completely killed Chirper using the mod on the first page, you've probably at least minimized and muted it. Still, why not give it a spot in your city with the Chirper Headquarters? It's a unique building so it'll allow employment and tourism, and it'll give the adorable yet annoying bird a chance to (quietly) show its face.

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