The best Cities: Skylines mods, maps, and assets

So. You've built a beautiful city but you can't help notice a few problems, like the fact that your citizens are living in piles of garbage and corpses? Unless you've simply slashed your municipal budget to the bone, this is probably due to traffic issues. Here are some intersections you can drop in your city to get traffic flowing smoothly.

Pedestrian Suspension Bridge

Cities Skylines mod - Pedestrian Suspension Bridge

With so much focus on cars, it's easy to forget to make nice walkways for foot traffic as well. Found in the parks menu, this lovely Pedestrian Suspension Bridge is pleasing to both the eyes and the feet of your little citizens.

Timbo's Marvelous Interchange Emporium

Cities Skylines mod - Timbo's Marvelous Interchange Emporium

While I still struggle to draw a simple off-ramp that doesn't look like it's already weathered a few earthquakes, Timboh's been cranking out a ton of beautiful and useful interchanges. Subscribing to Timboh's Emporium means you'll never be at a loss for having a great way to make roads meet and greet.

Public Transport Place

Cities Skylines mod - Public Transport Place

I'm guilty of making public transportation an afterthought, with train stations, metro stations, and bus depots simply plopped where I can find room among everything else. This pre-made collection of roads and walkways makes it easy to centralize your public transportation, and allows passengers to quickly find their way between buses, trains, and metro tunnels by using raised walkways. All you have to do is plug the buildings into the right spots.


Cities Skylines mod - Double paperclip

This interchange is so big it didn't even fit into the game's asset manager, but it's worth it. With realistic slopes and angles, this Double Paperclip interchange will get your citizens on their way in a smart and realistic fashion.

8-Way Roundabout

Cities Skylines mod - 8-Way Roundabout

I feel like building an entirely new city around this beauty. Built to handle traffic from eight directions, this roundabout also features enough room in the center for bus stops, metro stations, several plazas, and even a couple buildings.

Small Green Roundabout

Cities Skylines mod - Small Green Roundabout

The thing about most roundabouts is that they're huge, and tough to fit into a city you've already built without destroying a good portion of it. The Small Green Roundabout is a nice option for neighborhoods or places without a lot of heavy traffic. Includes footpaths and nice decorations.

Elevated Pedestrian Roundabout

Cities Skylines mod - Elevated Pedestrian Roundabout

Cars aren't the only thing that need to get around. This slick Elevated Pedestrian Roundabout makes it easy for walkers to get through your city as well, with walkways up and down to street level, and room for a small park in the center.

On the next page, let's add some new parks, plazas, and statues to your favorite city.

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