The best Cities: Skylines mods, maps, and assets

I'm sure your city is lovely already, but you're probably tired of adding the same old parks and plazas. Here's a few more to choose from.

Enterprise Park

Cities Skylines mod - Enterprise Park

Let your tiny citizens boldly go where no one has gone before, like this handsome park commemorating the USS Enterprise.

Modern Art Plaza

Cities Skylines mod - Modern Art Plaza

Are games art? How about cubes? Invite your residents to visit this Modern Art Plaza, where they can stare at a large black cube and pretend to understand just what it means.

Sunken Plaza

Cities Skylines mod - Sunken Plaza

Perfect for your downtown areas, this attractive sunken plaza gives your citizens a spot to relax among the skyscrapers in a busy city.

Public Soccer Field

Cities Skylines mod - Public Soccer Field

Skylines has a stadium for professional athletes, but how about local talent? This public soccer field should please the sports fans in your neighborhoods. While I haven't seen any games break out on my field, people do walk around in it a bit.

Shrine of Azura

Cities Skylines - Shrine of Azura

Cities: Skyrim? Sure, why not. Your city probably has a few followers of the Daedric prince, so now they've got a place to worship or just chill out. This Shrine of Azura statue has the same properties of the Statue of Wealth. Talos is available as well.

Jesper's Fields

Cities Skylines mod - Jesper's Fields

It's easy to neglect your industrial areas, and it's also a little weird to place city plazas and playgrounds alongside them. That's why this collection of fields by Jesper is perfect for your farming areas. They blend in perfectly without drawing a crowd.

Skate Park

Cities Skylines mod - Skate Park

Teenagers in your city can be occasionally seen with skateboards, so why not give them a spot to shred? This concrete skate park has ramps, rails, and even graffiti.

1x1 Swing Park

Cities Skylines mod - 1x1 Swing Park

Sometimes you want to improve a crowded town without having to destroy anything to make room. If you've only got a single square of available space, this 1x1 Swing Park is perfect for brightening the neighborhood without removing a single house.

Next up, some of the best maps you can start building on.

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