The Amazing Eternals beta access is yours with a PC Gamer Club membership

Perks from being part of the PC Gamer Club aren't just limited to an ad-free experience, a digital magazine subscription, PC Gamer Discord community access, free monthly games, and rare, glossy JPEGs of our favorite magic man in a tub. Being a member also means we're going to throw random gifts at you, a torrential rain of keys and love. Deal with it. 

This gift comes from Digital Extremes, the developers behind the much beloved and ever-expanding Warframe. All existing PC Gamer Club members and anyone that signs up between now and the end of September at the Legendary tier will get a key for the closed beta of The Amazing Eternals, a wacky first-person person shooter with deck-building strategy layer—quite the genre mix-up. 

It was one of the most interesting games we saw at PAX West this year, a unique take on the busy hero shooter genre with plenty of aces (cards, get it?) up its sleeve. Watch the video at the bottom of the page to see for yourself. 

How to get The Amazing Eternals beta access

  1. Head to
  2. Sign up for the PC Gamer Club at the Legendary Tier
  3. Watch your inbox like it's all you've ever known

And if you join, your keys will give you indefinite access to the beta, anywhere from three to nine months. Then when the game launches, it'll be free-to-play—a smooth transition. 

If you're still curious as to exactly what The Amazing Eternals is, check out the official website and/or YouTube channel for a closer look. 

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