The £55,000 GSL StarCraft 2 final is about to start, here's where to watch


The final of GomTV's second Global StarCraft 2 League is about to kick off - at 10am GMT, 2am Pacific Time. It's free to watch live , but if you miss it, you need a season ticket to watch it later ($20, likely reduced once the tourney's over).

Both in terms of prize money and the talent it attracts, the GSL is the biggest StarCraft tournament in the world, and one of the biggest e-sports tournaments ever. The English commentary is done by my personal favourites Tasteless and Artosis, who make high-level play easy to understand even for noobs - season one of this tournament is what turned me around on e-sports . Grab breakfast or a midnight snack, depending on your time zone, and check it out .

Update: looks like the match itself actually starts at 10am GMT/2am PST. In the meantime, we get some bizarre reality/docu/gameshow piece in Korean, in which four men mention SC2 teams and giggle a lot. I'm so sorry.

Update 2: They are now interviewing the players' mothers. "I hope [my son's opponent] plays well, but not well enough to beat [my son]."

Korea is different.