The 2013 Shadow Warrior Special Edition is free on the Humble Store

Earlier this month, the original, 1997 Shadow Warrior went free on GOG. Now the Humble Store is upping the ante by making the 2013 remake—the "Special Edition," no less, with the soundtrack, art book, and a couple of unique weapons—free until 10 am PT on July 22.

The updated Shadow Warrior is an outstanding example of how to bring an old, outdated (ie., pretty racist) property into the modern era: Pay homage to what was good about it, ditch everything else, keep it amusingly stupid and wantonly violentl, but slip in a better story than anyone expects, too. In case there's any doubt, I was a big fan, and so the whole "get it free" thing definitely rings my bell.

To get your freebie, just head over to, click where it says "add to cart," and then take it from there. And since you haven't actually spent any money, why not check out the Bandai Namco Anime Sale while you're there? God Eater 2: Rage Burst, Tales of Berseria, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and more: They're anime games, and they're on sale until July 24. 

And now, we rock. 

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Andy Chalk

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