The 100 Game Giveaway, Final Day! (US only)


The Great Eagle of Free spreads its wings for one final, triumphant flight today as PC Gamer sees off its 100 Game Giveaway with 20 codes for the League of Legends Collector's Pack !

What we're looking at here is a massive asteroid of loot followed by a long gaseous tail of awesome for what remains our favorite free-to-play game. You'll get:

  • 20 additional playable Champions
  • 4 powerful Summoner Runes
  • A sinister and adorable Goth Annie skin, exclusive to the Digital Collector's Edition
  • Plus, $10 of Riot Points for use in the store for whatever your legendary heart desires

Click Read More to find out how to enter in today's giveaway. For more info on League of Legends, be sure to visit the League of Legends homepage and, if you're having a good time with the game, show your support by liking the game on Facebook .

It's all yours, absolutely free, courtesy of Riot Games and your friends at PC Gamer. All you have to do is to simply “like” PC Gamer on our Facebook page (if you haven't already), then comment on this Facebook post , and you're automatically entered in our random drawing!

Remember, winners will have to accept a Facebook friend request from our prize delivery account to collect your goodies (you can safely de-friend it afterward). Also, you may only enter once per day.

But don't think that this is going to be our last giveaway. Oh no.

No way.

In fact, we wouldn't be too surprised to find, at the end of today, a surprise twist ending.

You shouldn't be either.

Yesterday's winners:

Melissa Thanyakarn

Joey Martinez

Dana Jensen

Chun Lau

David Stumme

Dan Sayson

Justin Newton

Nathan Forney

Daniel Gardner

Brian Kopleck

Zachary Christopher

T.J. Cummings

Benjamin O'Brien

Simon Mai

Neil Mason Hedgepeth

Spencer Keashly-Warters

Donald Easton III

Nathaniel Edmiston

Eli Fihn

Duck Huggins


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