Meet the sci-fi Soldier—Valve partners with WETA to release new TF2 items, available now


Wonder no more what all those mysterious rockets are doing in the back of Team Fortress 2 maps! Valve has partnered with WETA Workshop , the design studio that's created countless movie props and creature effects, to release a new item pack based on Dr. Grordbort's Infallible Aether Oscillators (say that three times fast). Come take a gander at what it looks like when the Soldier decides to enlist with space marines.

PCG's Gut Reactions™:

  • The Cow Mangler 5000: Pardon me, but I could've sworn you said "doesn't require any ammo." Holy smokes! This "rocket" launcher turns the Soldier from a frontlines fighter into a support specialist—thanks to the four-second building disable, you won't need to rely on a skilled Spy to break up a pesky Sentry nest. And we have to imagine that nailing someone with a fully-charged shot is just about as glorious as it gets.

  • The Righteous Bison: I'MMA FIRIN' MAH LAZER! Who cares about doing reduced damage to buildings when this little number can hit multiple enemies at once? You'll make many a Pyro have a sad day when they try to deflect a beam of light with an airblast, and again, the whole "no ammo" thing is immensely exciting for those situations when you're behind enemy lines. This phaser is most definitely not set to stun.

What do you think of TF2's first venture into the great unknown? Also, don't miss the awesome companion comic that explains how the Soldier got his new swag (and why he needs to make more friends).