Telstra throws down in the superfast NBN price wars, offers 250Mbps for the price of 50Mbps

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NBN providers have been doling out big discounts on their NBN plans for most of 2021, with NBN 250 and 1000 plans regularly dipping into the not-stupidly-expensive bracket. The struggle is real between the telcos, because Telstra has just cut its NBN 250 plan again, after already doing it earlier this year.

To refresh: when Telstra cut its NBN 250 plan to AU$100 per month back in January, that was pretty impressive for the usually discount-averse provider. But now it's doubled down, offering NBN 250 for AU$90 a month for the first six months, down from AU$140. There's no fixed contract on this one either, so you can switch providers (with one caveat below).

This basically means you're getting NBN 250 for six months, for the same price as you'd normally spend on Telstra's lowly NBN 50 plan. Do be aware that if you're a new Telstra NBN user without one of their modems, you'll need to pay for that, making the minimum spend AU$306 if you cancel out after the first month. That may sour the deal for habitual plan hoppers.

Still, it's a sweet deal for those inclined to keep within Telstra's garden, with 230Mbps typical evening download speeds. Only Mate is offering the plan cheaper at AU$89 a month, but that has a lower advertised evening speed of 208Mbps. If it's faster, 1000Mbps speeds you're after, Telstra's NBN 1000 plan is also down to AU$130 for six months (usually AU$180), so either way it's a good time to sign up if you want Telstra.

If you're always shopping around, our best Australian NBN plans for gaming page keeps a live tracker of all the prices.

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