Here's how you see all the endings in Telling Lies

Telling Lies endings
(Image credit: Annapurna Interactive)

Telling Lies is a compelling investigative thriller from Sam Barlow, the creator of Her Story. It's a twisting, complex tale told entirely through secretly recorded video calls, and there are three Telling Lies endings to discover.

How you get these endings is pretty obscure, however.

So, the ending in the 'reflection world' (that is, the story of the woman reflected in your monitor) will always be the same.

You'll see the clips uploading (which, cleverly, are all the clips you found while playing the game) and then the protagonist will dodge the FBI and walk up to the roof. That sequence never changes.

But you will get a different epilogue clip depending on which character you spent the most time with. So if you watched more clips of character A than character B, C, or D, you'll get an epilogue specific to character A.

And if you saw around 60% of a particular character's videos, you'll get an extra scene in their epilogue.

There are three epilogues in total, which you can view below. Naturally that comes with big ol' spoiler warning, so make sure you play the game through first. And that's how you see every ending in Telling Lies.

The following videos, recorded by AppUnwrapper for their Telling Lies walkthrough, show the endings.

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