Tell us your best MMO raiding war stories

Space station Shazbot, year 2076. Two young children bound across the low gravity living room as artifical dusk casts an orange glow through the window. A fire sizzles and pops on the viewscreen. “Tell us a story, grampa!” they cry in unison, bouncing in circles around an old man in a glass rocking chair. “Ohh, a story, hm?” he says, as they settle down in front of him. “Which one to tell, which one to tell?” he ponders.

“We want to hear about Leeroy!” shouts the boy. “Yeah, Leeroy!” says the girl.

“Oh, Leeroy,” the old man chuckles. “I remember it like it was yesterday. There I was, a fresh-faced 14-year-old warrior in the Rookery, up to my neck in dragon eggs. One wrong move and my friends and I would be in big, big trouble. So we put together a plan. We’d play it smart. We’d play it tactical. But Leeroy… well, Leeroy wasn’t much for plans.”

Imagine that’s you, sitting on a space station 60 years from now talking to your weird space-born grandkids who have the internet embedded in their eyeballs. You may or may not have real war stories to tell them—perhaps years of raiding in WoW left you with carpal tunnel that saved you from the draft for the Real EVE War of the 2020s—but oh, the online gaming stories you have to tell. That time you aggro’d an entire dungeon at the same time. That time you did battle with Kerafym the Sleeper for three straight hours. That time you had to go answer the doorbell and came back to your entire party lying dead on the floor, but at least you got your pizza.

Tell us about your best (and worst) raids, your greatest ganks, and other ridiculous memories from all those years you’ve spent playing MMOs. Polish those storytelling skills—your grandkids will thank you for it.

Feel free to share stories in the comments below, or, if you want to write something longer, email us at We’ll collect our favorite stories and share them in a new article soon.

Wes Fenlon
Senior Editor

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