Tech-noir tactics game All Walls Must Fall leaves Early Access this month

It's been a good week for videogame descriptions. Berlin-based developer Inbetweengames describes turn-based tech-noir tactics game All Walls Must Fall as "very gay, very Berlin" and "taking place almost entirely in techno clubs." The studio also dropped a big new descriptor today: after a successful Kickstarter and a six-month stay in Steam Early Access, All Walls Must Fall will officially launch on Steam on Friday, February 23. 

All Walls Must Fall is set in Berlin in 2089 in a world where the Cold War never ended. Evidently, after another 90-odd years of cold warring, the European powers and the U.S. decided a hot war was the way to go: you are a time-traveling secret agent "that only has one night of clubbing to prevent a nuclear terror attack." Inbetweengames promises "things only get stranger from there." 

Tom played a bit of All Walls Must Fall back when it had just entered Early Access, and while he saw the need for substantial updates—which have since been released—even then he saw a glimmer of potential in the game's fast-paced XCOM-esque combat. "It's a nice, fast take on turn-based combat, though, and ought to benefit hugely from the addition of new weapons and powers," he wrote. 

Ahead of its official launch, Inbetweengames have lowered All Walls Must Fall's price from $15 to $10. A 30 percent discount is planned for launch week. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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