Team Ninja have no plans for Nioh 3 'at this point'

Nioh 2
(Image credit: Koei Tecmo, Team Ninja)

Fumihiko Yasuda, franchise director for the Nioh series at Team Ninja, has been doing the interview circuit to coincide with the release of Nioh 2: The Complete Edition, which is due on PC next month. Something that's come out of those interviews is that the studio doesn't have plans to make it a trilogy—at least, not at the moment.

As Yasuda said to TheGamer, "Team Ninja would like to focus on working on new titles, so there really isn't a plan for Nioh 3 at this point." That said, he is open to the idea of more Nioh games—eventually. "But after creating some new projects and gaining some new experience and skills from those new potential projects, I would like to go back to the series at some point," he said.

While discussing what form an extremely hypothetical sequel might take with Video Games Chronicle, Yasuda explained that they wouldn't limit themselves to the Sengoku period, and have already explored the Heian period in Nioh 2's expansion The First Samurai. "So it’s definitely possible for a potential sequel in the Nioh series to be in a different time period or even a completely different setting," Yasuda said, "and that’s something we’d like to take a challenge with in the future."

Our own Wes Fenlon recently spoke to Yasuda as well, and asked whether Nioh 2's PC port meant that we might see Ninja Gaiden Black on PC some day. Here's his answer: "I definitely want to consider that in the future. I am always looking for an opportunity to revive the NINJA GAIDEN series."

Fingers crossed. Nioh 2: The Complete Edition will be available on Steam from February 5. Here are our impressions of the port.

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